Hassle-free smart dispensers for grocery shoppers.

Effortless bulk bin shopping

SmartBins is on a mission to create a convenient and sustainable alternative to prepackaged food. Our Add-on system offers a modern streamlined bulk bin food experience for shoppers.


Increase your store profits 

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Boost high-margin sales

30-45% profit margins on bulk bin items.
Double that of pre-packaged items.

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Reduce checkout lines

Shoppers often forget to note PLU codes, leading to
stalled multi-lane checkout and long lines.

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Web dashboard analytics

Gain actionable insights on bulk bin category sales and trends.

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Cut down theft

Automatic barcode sticker curtails customers from
taking an organic item and writing non-organic PLU code.


Simple to install

The SmartBins add-on system can be easily integrated into existing bulk aisles. The bin sensor mount allows for sensor to be removed for bin cleaning and item refills. SmartBins maintenance team is on-call in 24 hours to promptly resolve unlikely issues .

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